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Greenbean Coffee House – Altoona, PA
Feeling Good In the Neighborhood Since 2017

Coffee Made With the Best Beans in the Universe

Greenbean Coffee House proudly serves Coffee Made With the Best Beans in the Universe. We are pleased to offer hot, iced, and frozen espresso-based coffees that meet the highest quality standards in the world. When you enjoy a Greenbean coffee you are not only treating yourself to a delicious drink, you are supporting sustainable coffee farming that is eco-friendly – and people-friendly.

Our coffee is:

  • Organic
  • Fair Trade Certified
  • Direct Trade
  • Sustainably Harvested
Our Greenbean coffee
Cafe Latte

Quality. It Matters.

Each day, we grind and brew dozens of gallons of espresso to prepare the espresso-based drinks offered at the Greenbean. Despite the large volume, we maintain a laser-like focus on quality. We use a proprietary (secret) blend of only the freshest and richest coffee beans. These are harvested with care by the very best coffee growers in the world – true experts in their field.

Incredibly Smooth.
We offer three coffee roasts – a light-flavored roast, a medium roast (our Greenbean staple roast), and a rich dark roast. Each roast is comprised of a proprietary blend of coffee bean subspecies that has been carefully selected through much trial and error to deliver the perfect cup of java every time. Our Greenbean staple roast is especially smooth. This is the espresso we use in all of our espresso-based drinks. It is subtle enough to satisfy those who prefer a lighter roast, yet bold enough for those with darker tastes. Have we found the key to the perfect cup of coffee? We think so.

Our Hot BrewSmall Batched for Consistent Quality
When you order a hot coffee, it is prepared fresh in small batches. This ensures consistency in quality for taste, flavor, aroma, and mouthfeel.

Our Cold BrewGet the Bite Without the Bitter
Our iced and frozen espresso-based coffee drinks feature our own in-house cold brew, freshly ground and steeped for 24 hours to deliver the perfect coffee experience – Bite Without the Bitter.

Organic Coffee

Because Who Wants to Drink Pesticides?

All of our coffee drinks are prepared with coffee beans that are grown, fertilized, and produced without synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, or chemicals.

Fair Trade Certified
Because Coffee Farmers Deserve a Fair Market Price

Our coffee is Fairtrade Certified. By paying coffee farmers a guaranteed fair minimum price for their beans and ensuring ethical standards are followed, we support better lives for family farmers and help stabilize the coffee market. Fair Trade premiums support community and business development initiatives that support improving the quality and production of the crop, as well as these important farming communities.

Friend2Farmer® Direct Trade Partner

Because Coffee Farming Communities Matter

We are proud to be a partner in the Friend2Farmer® program. This direct trade partnership goes beyond fair trade programs. It allows us to become directly involved in supporting better lives and communities for our small family coffee farmers. Our buyers travel to meet with dedicated small-plot coffee farmers a few times each year. Friendships are formed and strengthened through mutually beneficial interactions. The very best coffee beans are hand selected from the choicest crops. Our coffee farmers are paid directly, above open-market value, for their efforts. Funding is also provided for schools and other projects important to our coffee farming communities. To bring you Coffee Made With the Best Beans in the Universe™ our buyers directly purchase, import, hand-roast, and package the finest coffee beans on the planet. With every delicious cuppa you enjoy from the Greenbean, you are supporting better lives, better communities – and better coffee.

Sustainably Harvested

Because We Want You to Enjoy Our Coffee for a Long, Long Time!

We actively seek to purchase beans that are grown in accordance with strong sustainability standards, including those established by the Rainforest Alliance. By sourcing our coffee from conscientious growers that promote forest conservation and ecosystem stability, especially small-scale coffee farms that prioritize the use of a variety of natural methods including shade-grown coffee and integrated pest management, we aim to support the long-term viability of the coffee trade.